Thursday, February 25, 2010


I can't deny it, not would I really want to.  I'm a Southerner; always have been, always will be.  But I know for a lot of people, the word "Southerner" conjures up a lot of stereotypes.  Granted, some have a grain of truth behind them, as many stereotypes do.  But I want you to consider this:  ignorant, redneck people are NOT exclusive to the South.  If you have any doubts, pay a visit to  There you will clearly see that rednecks (mullets, missing teeth, and all) can be found all across our beautiful country.  And to further dispel some of the myths about Southerners, I will give you some quick facts about myself.

I do NOT have a mullet.  Never have, never will.
None of my family members have mullets either.
I am not married to my cousin.
I still have all the teeth I've ever had.  I've never even had a cavity.
I have never attended a chicken fight, dirt track race, or Nascar event.
I almost never deep- fry anything I cook at home.
I don't drown everything in butter.
I don't even really like gravy or grits that much.
I don't own a single hound dog.
I have never held any beliefs about the South rising again.
I love all types of people in the world.
I would never use a racial slur, ever.
In spite of my Southern accent, I was able to earn a college degree.  Several, actually.
If I see you around town, I will most likely smile, wave, and hold the door open for you.
I may even speak to you in the grocery line.

So don't be afraid of us Southerners!  Don't judge us by our accent, or lump us all together as a group.  Just like any other group of people, there is no one-size-fits-all definition of a Southerner.  We're just like everyone else really.

Except Yankees.  Everybody knows you can't trust a Yankee :-)

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